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The Hoxton Hotel in Paris: where to stay, eat and drink with style!

There are few places that make me feel like I do when I am at Hoxton.

Basically I feel like home.

Well, my home is not the size of this gorgeous hotel neither so carefully and elegantly decorated... But I mean at Hoxton there is always a chilled and very friendly vibe.

The decoration contributes even more to this feeling. The elements of the past (the decoration form is inspired by the '50s) remind me of scenes from old movies.

The building of Hoxton Hotel in Paris was made in 17th century. According to an article of Madam Figaro (France) "it was inhabited by a conseiller de Louis XIV, occupied by artitists, invested by a manufacture de fabrics and then left abandoned".

Today's form its the result of the work of the interior architects Humbert & Poyet. The style is Parisian industrial chic with some touches of design of the '50s.

The lobby and its open yard

Apart from the impeccable stay someone may have here, it can also be a meeting point for friends and couples, especially when the weather permits it and the yard is open.

Le Jaques' Bar- for cocktails and drinks and the restaurant

A cosy and chic bar, Le Jaques' Bar, serves imaginative cocktails and a restaurant offers a delicious and healthy menu. It's style is very "English salon, club de gentlemen".

In order to eat at the restaurant, you need to reserve your table early since it's always fully booked.

Things to do in the Hoxton

There are courses of yoga, workshops, Dj evenings. There are co-working spaces in the basement and there are spaces that young artistes expose their work.

So basically at the Hoxton Hotel you can do pretty much everything: work, eat, drink, have fun with friends, work out, listen to some cool music and then go to sleep. If Paris wasn't so perfect, then there wouldn't be any other reason to really leave the Hotel and go somewhere else!

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