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Irving Penn in Grand Palais, Paris

In Paris, at the majestic Grand Palais, takes place one of the most awaited events concerning photography, Irving Penn' s work is honored with the occasion of his 100th birthda .

More than 250 original photos, since Penn didn't allow any copies, are placed in 11 rooms painted in different shades of gray.

His famous Vogue photographs, portraits like Audrey Hepborn, Alfred Hitchcok, Alfred Einstein, etc, and less famous ones, like the locals of Cuzco, Papua New Guinea , or the flowers for Vogue, and the most recent portraits are all exhibited in Grand Palais in an Expo that started a month ago and will continue for three more months.

Definitly worth not to miss it! The old and used for half a century cloth that Penn used as a background is also exhibited in a big room!

Enjoy the brilliant work of Penn in Paris!



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