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From Paris with Rima: a blog to check out!

From Paris with Rima is a new and fresh blog, about life in Paris full of great advice on what to do, where and of course what to wear. The blogger behind is Rima who is amazing! Full of good vibes and for sure she knows what she is talking about!

Οn that day we managed to meet after a loooong effort. Every metro station in the area was shut down because of the Tour de France!

The pressure was even bigger since on that day, I had to run to the Lollapalloza, held in Paris for the first time, And that headliner couldn't be missed. The RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS. Now that I think about it Rima's red jumpsuit, the colour of it, put me in the mood for the live performance of one of the best bands! ;)

More photos from our session and the article on her amazing jumpsuit on

For more information make sure to follow her blog and her instagram account!

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