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Isabella discovering Troo Food's kale crackers in Paris


If you are one of these people that crave snacks but you feel enough guilt about it, well there is always the solution of eating something healthy that is still tasty!!

Troō Food Liberation is a collective of people from different backgrounds that came together to give us pleasure without guilt!

They make all the yummiest things you can imagine and some of them they sell them online at

Knowing that the young actress Isabella Ohman loves healthy food, I invited her to taste some of the Troo Food's snacks while walking along the Pont Alexandre III in Paris.So obviously I took some photos of Isabella's reactions while tasting the kale crackers!

Needless to say I had a wonderful time!

Make sure to check out Troo Food's incredible products and follow their FB page!

Model:Isabella Ohman

Kale crackers by Troo Food Liberation

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