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Dewax Clothing: a brand to check out!!

This post is about a subject I care about a lot: Ethical/sustainable fashion!

One of my favourite brands is called Dewax Clothing and is specialised in making the most beautiful and unique silk scarves in a very interesting way. I had the chance to shoot some photos for this brand with the gorgeous owner Justine Mendi, who explained me what Dewax is all about!

Justine has started very recently her business with her sister Catherine and their mission is to bring African aesthetics and patterns to the fashion and lifestyle of modern western women!

Their way to achieve their goal is actually simple at its core, difficult in practice! First of all, they care a great deal for their cause and at the same time they use the finest "ingredients": quality and aesthetics! They use the finest silk from Lyon in France -worldwide famous for its silk!- and absolutely beautiful, handmade, authentic african designs from the most talented and skillful African women.

As mentioned on the website

Dewax takes you on a unique journey at the crossroads of Africa, the East and the West.

The unexpected encounter between tradition and modernity, between the distant and the near.

Paris, London, New York, Milan, Tokyo, Dakar, winter or summer, Dewax will make you feel both here and there.

Dewax is the result of a process which was initiated in 2010 during a long stay in Ghana and across other African countries. The idea developed in Paris and in 2014, the company chose to locate to Senegal. Our scarves are designed in Africa and Made in France, by highly skilled artists and companies, famous for their “savoir faire”.

Tradition, timelessness, transnationality, elegance and ubiquity, characterize Dewax silk twill scarves whose prints are an invitation to travel to faraway lands…

Welcome into Dewax world.

Go to check out the Dewax website and make sure to fill your closet with handmade silk scarves, colourful and beautiful like Africa!

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