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Behind the scenes with Ifigenia Griva

Let me introduce you to the most talented and beautiful Ifigenia Griva!

Ifigenea is an actress from Greece, whose talent captivates the audience! She stars in great plays in the theatres of Athens (Greece). Ifigeneia along with her team makes the most touching and beautiful thing in the world: she performs at patients in you know what kind of a person i am talking about...!!

A beautiful afternoon Ifigenia and I met at the cutest little cafe in Chalandri (Athens) called Petit Fleur in order to enjoy its delicious hot cocoas and teas and play around with the camera! So we started talking photos and Ifigeneia, as a natural telent she is, she was posing non stop!

Well the light wasn't much of a help but I couldn't resist the combinatiion of having a great model and being in a place with the most beautiful colours and decoration! The amazing collection of records and the grammophone! Too bad photos don't have a sound (well at least not yet! lol) so i could share with you the ambience that accompanied our photoshooting!

Here its the result of our meeting!!fashion-iii/ybn59

i hope you enjoy them as much i enjoyed the time we had during our lovely meeting!

Also! make sure to check out Ifigeneia Griva's work on line!


Georgia KOO

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