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Anka Zhuravleva photography: A talk with an amazing artist!

Anka Zhuravleva is by far one of the most talented phhotographers of her generation! Her talent is endless and her photos amazing!! I spoke with her and she told me all these amazing things!

  • Could you describe us your process? For example, from how do u come up with an idea to editing and how do you realise it?I afraid it is not describable in a few words. Every time it's different. Depending on a project, theme, mood, model. But normally I do have a main idea and even a scetch and do prepare everything considering this sketch. I'm searching for a proper model, for a dress, for a location, for a light. I'm preparing props. Before to shoot I already can imagine a post-production so I'm shooting having this idea in my head. I think, 70% of pictures are taken in this way. But sometimes everything is happen by a case. And all the procees looks like an improvisation.

  • Where do u usually draw your ispiration from? I draw it from this life. It's everything around us. Beautiful people, places, stories. Just needed to keep your eyes wide open. I never try to invent anything or to push my imagination. It comes by itself everything. It can come from everywere - from a book, a dream, a movie. From a street, a person, a beautiful place.

  • Do you use some specific teqniques in editing? I think I have my prefirred instruments in Phooshop and for sure, it seems like I have some personal technics. But I never think about it, i just do my post-production, thinking about how to get the best visual and emotional effect of a picture.

  • How did u find your personal style? I do what I love to do and try to achieve a result when it's possible to put picture on a wall. And I a style can change. If an artist think that he(her) has found a personal style, It's the end af the way. In my humble opinhon.

  • I see in your photographs there is a lot of attention payed on the colour palette. Does the colour play a big part as a means of expression? Yes, it does. It's a method of expression, and a strong one. With a help of color I can rule a mood, I can manage a feeling of a watcher. And even changing colors in post-production, I can totally change an expression of a picture or underline something in particular.

  • How do you make decisions like the colour palette, the location, subject, wardrobe etc? A decision is based on an idea. As I already tald, I got a sketch and trying to manage everything considering what I want to say with a picture. It works for color palette, location, subject etc.

  • I also see you love the colour ginger. Is there a specific meaning to that? I just love it, there is no specific meaning. it's picturesque, it's cheerful, it's fun.

  • Which one is your single most favourite photo and why? Wow, it's too difficult to choose one, I love all of them, but I think that the one which means more for me is a girl with paperships in a puddle. It comes from my happy childhoom memories.

  • Which series is your favourite and why? There is no my favorite one. I wish I could answer but I can;t.

  • what is your equipment? I got digital part and analoge part. You can find all info here

  • Has photography been a tough journey and if so in what sense and how do get over any obstacles? Not at all. For me it is a pure pleasure from the beginning to the end. Of course, there were difficulties but nothing of a bad sort.

  • Do you have any photographers that have influenced you or that you admire? I admire works of early fine-art photography of the end of a 19th - beginning of a 20th sentury - those photographers who got puplished in "Camera Work" magazine. Them from later 20th century I love Pieter Lindbergh, Sally Mann, Sarah Moon, Patrick Demarchelier, Paolo Roversi. Novadays there are so many photographers I just not able to track them. And actually I have no idea what is going on in world of a modern photography.

  • Do you keep up with the photographers that emerge from social media and what is your opinion about it? Have no idea about that who are emerged from social media. But we are all in this world of internet and I suppose that it's ok to use it to show yourself.

  • When was it that you realised you are successful? Am I? I only know that I do what I love to do, I have support of my husband who always helps me with everything, I have my dear watchers, who support me with good words, I know that there are people who want to learn from me and it makes me happy for sure. I do not know if it means I'm succesful. But I'm happy for sure))

  • Do you find the process of teaching and transmitting your knowledge appealing to you? Do you organise workshops etc? I love teaching, it is in the same time a learning process for me. And it is such a great exchange of energies. And it is a possibility to visit places I would never visit by myself.

  • Do you have favourite movies, musicians, journeys you have taken etc? Oh.. There are lot of them. All of them are my favorites. All of them are experience.

  • What are your plans for next? Keep doing what I love to do, keep living, keep travelling, keep meeting new lovely people, keep getting a new experience.

  • Where do you hope to go with photography? I never think like that. I just keep going, and let's see what we have then.

  • What would you suggest to others for making a great photo? Before taking a picture take a look inside, think about what you want to say and why you want to say it and for whom. Then take a look around. Probably you already got everything you need somewer nearby. Pay attention to the details. Do not lost a main idea and keep your eyes wide-wide opened.

  • If someone wants to purchase your art how can he do it? There is a shop with my prints here

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