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sharing my favorite photographers with you!

the next blogpost is about sharing with you photographers whose work i find absolutely great!!!

There will be articles or interviews or photos or anything that i could show you any info you could also find interesting or useful!!

So my next blogpost is a conversation i had with the wonderful Cristina Ramos.

Cristina is a painter, artist at its fullest! She has studied Fine Arts in Madrid and if u want u can check out her website http://www.cristinaramosphotography.com/

I met Cristina in Sweden when i went to Stockholm. Cristina is in Uppsala so i made sure i included that beautiful city in my trip!

I wouldnt have met Cristina if it hadn't been for the amazing Joel Robison, who organised amazing workshops!

So in the next posts i ll give you details of our conversations both with Cristina and with Joel!

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