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who am I?

hello there!!

So this is Georgia KOO's blog....and that is me!

i would like to introduce myself and explain the (very important!!?!!) reasons why i felt i wanted to start my blog!

SO as i said, my name is Georgia KOO and i love love looove photography! i love taking photos and creating beautiful images!i realised that about me when i started having complaints by my friends that i am "too late" when i was taking walks with them just because "i HAD TO take this photo", that they really "cant pose anymore" because "ok its too much!!" and so on! :)

But i also loved the feeling i had when i showed them photos i had taken of them and they felt really nice about themselves. Its a bit like cooking (which by the way i adore!) Its fun, creative, relaxing but nothing compares to the feeling i have when people actually enjoy the final result!

I also love other kinds of arts! cinema, music, design!

ANd i adore getting to know other cultures! Travelling is so rejuvenating!!

so by now as u might have guessed already this blog is about all of the above that i must share with other people who might feel the same!

In a few words

its about

photography (behind the scenes, photographers whose work i admire, etc)



music and many others i would need to share with u!

so feel free to send an email, drop a comment or whatever way u want to tell me your thoughts and ideas!

hope u enjoy it


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